Project ABVS - Zuzana in Latvia

EVS project in Latvia - 10 months EVS for a Czech volunteer Zuzana at ABVS


EVS volunteer Zuzana Mahdalova Project Nb.LV-21-27-2011-R2

SVEIKI! My name is Zuzana and I am 26 years old. After graduating university I decided to do something different. To travel. To live abroad. To work. To meet new people. I was happy I could do EVS in Latvia.
I spent all school year in Waldorf school (2011-2012).
I worked as a volunteer in the kindergarden and primary school.


is alternative sort of education which support individual „natural ability" and creativity. Pedagogy guarantee general education, Next to „classical" lessons, there are also lessons of music, art, handworks and handcrafts. Students don´t get any marks, they have word-evaluation. Students are not using „ready" textbooks, they create it by themselves. Almost all school, especially kindergarden, has equipment and toys from natural materials


During my project I worked in kindergarden 3 days a week. I helped teachers with every-days activities of children(putting on, sleeping, eating, singing songs, playing games). Children had „normal" activities but also activities like baking bread, working with wood, etc..
It was great and lovely to see how children grow up.


I worked 2 days a week in 2nd class. Students could speak English quite well.
We spent a lot of time together with all children. During lessons,we also went to some concerts,museums,trips, etc..They showed me how people from Latvia celebrate their holidays, special events and I also tasted latvian food:-)


Really important part of this project was meetings with other volunteers from all Europe. All of us had a big „mental" support from our sending and hosting organisations.
We had 1+2 trainings(1 in Czech republic,2 in Latvia) about EVS. We got many informations about EVS, we spoke about our EVS troubles and played many games :-).
Volunteers in Latvia were really nice and interesting people. We spent a lot of great time together

Pokud byste rádi jeli na evropskou dobrovolnou službu i Vy, kontaktujte nás! -více informací zde: EDS


EVS is one of the projects of Youth in action (which is programme of European Union) :-)
EVS helps young people (18-30years) to become involved in volunteer´s projects in the countries of EU and partner-countries. To realize project, it is necessary to find some „sending" organisation which helps with all administration´s things. After finding project, volunteer communicate with „hosting" organisation. Thanks to my sending organisation in Czech republic (Akropolis, o.s. in Uherské Hradišté, I could spent 10 months in Latvia. I worked in Privata vidusskola ABVS (Waldorf school, in Adazi which is small town 25km far from capital Riga.

These 10 months gave me a lot. I really can recommand EVS to all of you.
I will never forget! Zuzana Mahdalová

více informací zde: EDS

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