Koncem letních prázdnin řady našich rodilých mluvčích působících v Akropolis rozšířila Španělka Celia Carrascosa Pérez.

V rodném Španělsku studuje Celia žurnalistiku na univerzitě v Madridu, a proto se rozhodla psát o svém pobytu v Uherském Hradišti a obecně o české "nátuře" krátké reportáže.

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The Czech Republic through the eyes of a Spaniard

Celia Pérez Carrascosa
As a Spaniard, I am going to tell you one of the things that
catches my attention in the Czech Republic: the difference
between city, town and village.
In addition to volunteering at the Acropolis, I am a Spanish
language assistant at Gymnázium Uherské Hradiště. In one of my
lessons, we talked about Spanish and Czech cities, towns and
During this lesson, the students explained to me that in the
Czech Republic there is no minimum number of people to indicate
whether it is a village, town or city. The most important thing
that distinguishes a city from a town or village is the square. If
there is a square, then it is a city; however, if there is no square,
it is a village.
On the contrary, in Spain, only the provincial capitals are cities.
All villages and towns have a square and are not considered
cities. For example, in Spain, Uherské Hradiště would be a small

Sweet food as a main course

Celia Pérez Carrascosa
When I arrived in the Czech Republic and started working at Akropolis there was a
thing that surprised me quite a bit: sweet food as a main dish. In Spain we eat sweets for
dessert or for afternoon snacks, but never for lunch or dinner.
One of the dishes which catches my attention the most is pasta with sugar and poppy
seeds. I am used to having pasta with tomato sauce or similar. Apart from this dish, I
have seen Czech people eat a kind of bread with vanilla cream. This one would
undoubtedly be a dessert in Spain.
On the other hand, there is a sort of bread called ‘knedlik’. It is bread that instead of
being baked is boiled. Sometimes this bread is stuffed with cranberry cream and Czech
people eat it as a main course.
I am not criticizing Czech cuisine. I simply express a cultural difference that enriches
my mind, which is one of the purposes of the Erasmus+ project.

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